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Just putting this up for a bit of info on the team and whose currently in it as it stands from those characters that have approached to put themselves forward.

The main goal OOC for this Security team is to provide more opportunities for those who would not otherwise interact to have the opportunity to in addition to providing an IC on station security team.

IC Patrols are paired and rotated regularly so by all means feel free to use that to have two characters happen to be on patrol together at any one time. In addition there will be one person monitoring cameras at anyone time if anyone needs something noticed in that regard.

The current listing is below, if there is a question mark next to the role for the character in question please reply below to confirm the role your character would take whether patrol/monitoring or both so we can get things set, also whether they would take a weapon when offered.

Head of Security
Rtas 'Vadum

Current listing

Fran (Patrol)(Weapon issued)
Steve Rogers (Patrol?)(Weapon to be issued)
Pavel Chekov (Patrol?)(Weapon to be issued)
Alex (Patrol?)(Weapon to be issued)
Kale Daly (Patrol?)(Weapon issued)
Trever Daly (Patrol?)(Weapon issued)

Spider (Monitoring)
Smith (Monitoring)

Jack Harkness (Weapons training)

Mordin Solus (First Aid/Investigation/Emergency assistance)

If your character isn't on this list and would like to be, just contact me below and we can either handwave them joining or set up a thread for it where needed. I will be keeping a copy of this list on 'Vadum's journal for reference should any need as well.
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Just as he had announced over the network the previous day, 'Vadum could be found in the hanger preparing the Twilight Advance for the trip down to the surface even hours before the scheduled time of departure.

The armoured Sangheili loading on storage containers ready to be filled with supplies and fuel into the troop bay along with the various supplies, scrap metal and parts that Gryf had organized for him to transport down to the surface. It would be a somewhat tighter squeeze than it had been for those on the previous mission.


Once the crew were set on board it was time to depart, the supply laden dropship lifting from the hanger decking smoothly drifting toward the hanger doors as 'Vadum gave the signal of their departure to Gryf. It wasn't long before they were free of station and out into the void.

The journey down to the planet below was a relatively quick one, the planet below rapidly growing in the cockpit's view screens as well as the consoles in the troop bay for those who happened to be back there. The Advance soon descending through the upper atmosphere of Bothaious and down toward their first destination on planet.


Jul. 7th, 2014 11:50 pm
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This is Shipmaster 'Vadum.

I will be performing a supply run to the planets surface a day from now. The run will be to ensure this Station's supply of fuel as well as anything of further note that may be found.

Any who would wish to assist in the matter express interest may contact me.

No more than four will be required however, this run will be a brief one, one that I shall be setting up to run at monthly intervals or more often dictated by necessity of supply.
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With the 'prisoner's'/new crew now with the crew of the Serenity and all other boarding threads well underway. With most now on their way to evacuate from the Deadship to their respective vessels it is just about time to wrap up this portion of the event.

To that end we'll be moving onto post evacuation on Tuesday or Wednesday at latest. This won't mean threads still going at the time have to be stopped, back tagging and continuing will be greatly encouraged.

As to how it will play out, the new crew members will evacuate with the crew on board the Serenity and head directly back towards the Station. The Twilight Advance will take a detour towards the 'vortex' anomaly before heading back after the Serenity. As such there will be threads set on board the Serenity for the trip back and Twilight Advance for the investigation of the anomaly. People are also able to swap ships if they wish for this final portion of the event if they so wish.

On Friday both ships will arrive back at the station.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to use this post to ask them. As well if you have anything you want to hand wave for your character for the remainder of the event feel free to use this to let people know.

In any regard I hope people have been enjoying the event!
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On what would be dawn of the second day after 'Vadum's announcement the Sangheili Shipmaster's voice would once more broadcast to all communication devices on the Station.

"This is Shipmaster 'Vadum to all who wish to embark on today's mission, make ready and report to the Hanger for briefing. We leave in two hours hence."

With that 'Vadum himself makes his way down to the hanger to see to the final preparations and check once more over the data that Gryf had forwarded to both the Serenity and Twilight Advance, having discerned a number of potential targets for the mission at hand.

All supplies lay packed and ready both within the Serenity and the Twilight Advance, including enough vacuum suits for any who might choose to join in on his mission into the void. By the Twilight Advance sat a sealed crate, weapons for those who needed them for the journey ahead in the case that they be required.

(OOC:The mission will be divided into sub-threads below, please ensure that you post into the relevant sub-thread to the location (i.e. Hanger/Advance/Serenity))
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As announced here 'Vadum has organized a mission to set out into the void that is space around the Station with both the Twilight Advance and the Serenity.

The purpose of the mission is to search the void for signs of anything else in the void, such as the dead ship the Twilight Advance and crew came across in the last venture or any other such thing. As well as attempting to locate the source of the radiation seemingly linked with the appearance of those on the Station.

The mission itself will take several days in game time, how long depends on how long it takes for them to come across anything of note.

As there are two ships going on the mission it would be good to know who will be going on each.

Currently assigned crew(assumed from announcement post):

Twilight Advance


Yet unassigned but going along:
-Trever and Kale

I'll be putting up the mission log up tomorrow and will have it set up into sub-threads for organizational purposes.

This isn't a mandatory mission, but any who want are welcome along. Reply to the subthreads below if you want to have a character hop in on one of the ships.
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Ship Name: Shadow of Intent
Ship Type: CAS-class assault carrier
Size: 5,346 metres (17,540 ft) Scale comparison.
Powered By: deuterium-tritium fusion reactor
-Pulse laser turrets
-Energy projectors
-Plasma Torpedo launchers

Special Abilities:
Shielding- The Shadow of Intent possesses vast protective energy shields that are able to deflect and absorb considerable amounts of damage when operational.

Slip space drive A form of faster than light travel utilized by Sangheili vessels.

Gravity lift- Allows for safe and rapid transport of large numbers of individuals and cargo between ground and the Shadow of Intent.

Carrier- As an assault carrier, the Shadow of Intent is capable of carrying many thousands of troops along with a vast assortment of vehicles, fighters and dropships. Its main hanger is also large enough to fit at least two Frigates of around 500m in length within its main hanger without greatly diminishing its capabilities of transport. Alongside these transport options, the Shadow of Intent has multiple drop pod facilities for use in deploying individuals to the surface of planets in single man or larger pods.

Description: Shadow of Intent
What is your character's claim on this ship?: Shipmaster (Basically captain of the ship) and Fleet master of the fleet that the vessel belonged to.

Anything Else?:
This ship is pretty big indeed, and would take a good deal of time to repair and indeed retrieve. While large it can be piloted and operated with a skeleton crew, particularly with an AI in use.

As mentioned when discussed the ship could be used for many things once it is retrieved. Whether exploration, mobile base, cargo hauler or even retrieval of deadships and what not.

Ship Name: Twilight Advance
Ship Type: Phantom dropship - Covenant Separatist variant.
Size: 33m(110ft) Scale chart
Typical Crew Size: 1-5 crew, up to 30 passengers or equivelant cargo
Powered By: fusion drive
Chin mounted- heavy plasma auto-cannon (1)
Side-mounted- plasma cannons (2)
Special Abilities:
Gravity lift- Allows for safe transport of individuals and cargo between ground and Phantom both to and from. Can also be utilized to carry additional cargo beneath the phantom.
Stealth capabilities- This Phantom along with many utilized on board the Shadow of Intent have been outfitted with active camouflage and stealth systems that allow it to pass unnoticed to most sensors and visual identification.
Description: Phantom- Like this but primarily green outer hull.
What is your character's claim on this ship?: This phantom is one of many that was carried onboard the Shadow of Intent.
Anything Else?:
This is the ship that 'Vadum would most likely be starting with.
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Player Info:

Name: Sylvar
Age: 24
Contact: Sylvar(plurk), Sylvarranger(aim),
Player Journal: x
Reservation Link: Here

Character Info:

Full Name: Rtas ‘Vadum
Called By: ‘Vadum, Shipmaster
Age: 66
Canon: Halo

History: History
He’ll be taken from 2553 on the way back to Sangheilios.

'Vadum is quick, smart, decisive and will do what must be done. A strong and tactically minded leader, 'Vadum shows great care for the safety those under his command. As with most Sangheili 'Vadum holds honour in high regards and as such will always try and protect his own if infringed upon and that of his people. He looks well on those who hold honour in a similar regard or act honourably however, he does not suffer fools and those who would go against this lightly.

In most situations ‘Vadum retains a calm air, and a mostly formal manner. He can be slow to anger but those who would earn his ire are likely to keep it for a long while.

When previously he had fought against and held a hatred for humans as most in the Covenant had, after the events and battles of Earth and the Halo installations, their valiant actions and struggles have earned them a manner of respect from him.

In matters relating to the parasitic flood, he will stop at nothing to stop them, having much experience with their danger, having lost his left mandibles in a fight an infected comrade. Having been willing to destroy Earth to stop the flood, though was persuaded otherwise by the Arbiters council.

3 Interesting Character Facts:
- Takes training seriously, so much so that while training with his second in command, a swordsman of greater skill than he himself took an energy sword through the side in order to defeat him.

- On board the Infinite Succor ‘Vadum lost his left most mandibles in a duel with his former second in command who had been infected by the flood. This serves as a constant reminder to ‘Vadum as to the threat the Flood posed to all.

- He is one of the founders and leaders of Covenant Separatists alongside the Arbiter Thel Vadam, who came to the aid of the humans and fought alongside their former enemies of so many years.

His Sangheili physiology as described in detail here. In short he has far greater strength and agility than a regular human.

‘Vadum’s Combat Harness, like others of its kind incorporates an inbuilt shield generator, able to deflect or absorb in coming projectiles and/or energy. Other than these the armour incorporates a number of other systems such as a motion tracker, communications as well as an active camouflage system.

Special Skills:
Vadum is a highly skilled and experienced tactician and commander both in the realms of ground and space based operations, having planned and orchestrated many combat operations as Special Operations commander and fleet battles as fleet commander of the fleet of the Fleet of Retribution.

He is highly trained in the use of all covenant and indeed human weapons and vehicles, his specialty however is in close range combat, particularly through the use of an energy sword or pair of swords.

What is your character's comm icon and why?
Here- Two crossed energy swords, his preferred weapons of choice and a nod to them by selecting it as an icon even if he might not have them on hand.

Anything else?:
Would it be possible for him to keep his armour, as it’s practically his ‘uniform’ as it were, understandable if not however.

Writing Samples:
Action Tag Sample:
[The Sangheili commander regarded the foreign comms device, something that had been given to him somehow in the transition to what ever this place was.

Drawing himself up as he activated the feed, his tone that clearly of one experienced in command. Behind him the reflective purple interior of the Twilight Advance's troop transport bay clear and beyond that the hanger it had been stationed in.

This is the Shipmaster of the Shadow of Intent on board the Twilight Advance to any Sangheili or human forces who may be receiving,who may respond.

My vessel has suffered considerable damage and I find myself unable to make contact with the Shadow of Intent, records indicate that it is beyond this station though I know not where.

[With that he cut the feed and lowered the comm and cast his gaze out into the hanger he had awoken within before turning back to the console within the Twilight Advance, reviewing for the third time all information that had lead up to the situation at hand. The Shadow of Intent was out there and he would find it, but first to find out what had truly happened.]

Third Person Prose Sample:

It had been a few days since his sudden awakening aboard the Twilight Advance, the Sangheili having ensured that the Phantom was in operational condition before setting to exploring the station that he had found himself onboard. Thinking on what information he had gleaned from communications with the other individuals whom had likewise found themselves stranded aboard this station of unknown origin, although many portions of the station reminded the Sangheili of designs similar to Forerunner origins yet others hinted at other origins.

Having found a view port that gave a considerable view of the station and the planet far below 'Vadum had paused in his explorations. His gaze sweeping out over the exterior of the station before lingering on the planet below. Not a few days ago he had been in slip space on board a vessel with thousands aboard, and yet there was no sign nor response from what readings he had recieved...had all perished in the transition? Been displaced? Questions he sought answers to.

His gaze turning to the space beyond, dead space? Somewhere out there the Shadow of Intent waited, and he would find it.
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Hi all, sorry for the delay in getting this up, but finally here it is the squad listing for all those characters that have expressed interest in being signed up!

These are still subject to change, if you've got any questions as to the current line up or would rather a different squad for your character we'll do our best to accommodate!

Just a note that these are effective now and bendy timed to have been formed prior to the rebellion. Unless that causes issue with anyone. In which case feel free to let me know.
Squad Listings are below! )
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Current break down of sign ups into potential officers as well as possible positions:

Commander: Rtas ‘Vadum
Officer/Infantry regiment command?: Roger Maxson

Potential officers/squad leaders:

Adrian Shepard(Potential Officer) semi-powered armour mixed command experience
Jorge (potential Officer) Power armour, Heavy weapons (Possible Sergeant?)
Maridian (Potential Officer) Heavy infantry
Ronnae (Potential Officer) Heavy infantry


Light infantry

River Song Light infantry/infiltration specialist
Megan Infiltration and stealth specialist, highly damage resistant
Doc McNinja hand to hand, demolitions, field medic, driver, ninja stuff
Splicer (Starfighter Command) Stealth/sniper
Michael (Starfighter Command)??? Stealth/sniper
Jalith (Starfighter Command) Stealth/sniper
Kerrigan (Once released from Brig) Stealth/ light infantry
Cole (On IC channel post) Electro man

Heavy infantry

Adrian Shepard(Potential Officer) Semi-powered armour, Extensive command experience
Ashley Williams Semi-powered armour, current command rank Lt.
Jorge (potential Officer) Power armour, Heavy weapons (Possible Sergeant?)
Veronica Power armour, Combat Engineer
Erhart Power armour, Close combat specialist
Roger Maxson (Officer) Power armour, Extensive infantry command experience
Rtas ‘Vadum(Commander) Power armour, Close combat specialist, Commander
Maridian (Potential Officer) Heavy infantry
Ronnae (Potential Officer) Heavy infantry
Goliath Heavy infantry, possible for search and rescue as well

Magic users

Lina Inverse Magic artillery

Crematia Great Wyrm Dragon, highly skilled with magic, able to shape shift.
Crucible Great Wyrm Dragon, highly skilled with magic, able to shape


Nima Airbender, Search and rescue, anti-airborne toxins

Vehicle Division:

Maxim Possible vehicle operator, Cavalry experience
Shoutarou (potentially) Scout/fire support, has own vehicle

Heavy support
Crematia Great Wyrm Dragon, highly skilled with magic.
Crucible Great Wyrm Dragon, highly skilled with magic
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Now that the Special Operations Task Force is being properly set up in the next few days, channel post is here, the IC sign up post shall be here once I put it up within the next few days.

The previous post for interest is located here.

Thus far we have interest from the following characters (feel free to let me know if I've missed anyone):

Roger Maxson (Officer)
Adrian Shepard(Potential Officer)
Kerrigan (Potential Officer)
Maridian (Potential Officer)
Nanoha (Potential Officer)
River Song
Lina Inverse
Michael (Starfighter Command)
Shoutarou (potentially)
Nima (Non-combatant)

If you have any characters that you would be interested in having as part of the SpecOps Task Force (that aren't already on the list) please post below as to what role you'd like them to be put into as part of the Task Force. If you have a character on the list and wish to withdraw interest feel free to post below or contact me via aim or email.

In particular at the moment we’re looking for any characters who are interested in operating vehicles. Any light or heavy vehicle could be on the table. Having a few Warthogs or Scorpions driving about could be fun. Don’t hesitate to suggest vehicles if you’re characters interested.

Information below )

Once these sign ups are complete I’ll see about breaking the characters up into squads will add them below, if any of the squad line ups don’t sit well with anyone feel free to let me know either on this or on Aim/email and we’ll work something out.


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This is Rtas ‘Vadum, current Commander of this vessel, to all crew, new and old.

For too long we have lacked an organised infantry or mechanised force. We have had Starfighter Command to control the skies for some time and yet no other organised military to take on tasks unsuited to space combatants.  No organisation to take the fight to the enemy on the ground, in boarding operations or even covert operations.

No longer, it is to this end that I wish to announce the formation of the Special Operations Task Force. The Special Operations task force shall be a military force to take the fight to the enemy no matter the theatre of operations.  The operations the task force may undertake are as varied as the theatres that they will fight in, wherever the fight is, whatever we must do, we shall make it so.

If you have combat experience, or skills that you believe may prove useful to such a Task Force I will be undertaking sign ups within the next few days in the Sensoriums, the specific location shall be noted at the time. We shall need those who are willing to fight, those who are willing to lead along with those skilled or show potential to be trained in specialist roles such as, scouting and infiltration, combat engineering, snipers and heavy support roles among others. Do not hesitate to put forth any particular role or ability that you feel you may be suited to.

 If you have interest or skill in the operation of vehicles, whether light or armoured and do not have access to one at current we have appropriate vehicles available, training can be provided. For those who do not have their own weapons, we have a range of weapons available depending on your chosen roll within the Task force.

 Do note that this will be a strictly military organisation and will be placed directly within command, conduct in the field and while on duty will be expected accordingly

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For a good while we’ve had an organised space force yet no sign of a dedicated and organised military ground force.

Time to rectify that!

Thus I bring to you the possibility of the Special Operations task force to act as a dedicated military force capable of taking on missions of a vast variety of sorts.  Be it ground battles, boarding actions, night raids and reconnaissance missions, the Task force will be up for the job.

Department/organization:  Special Operations Task force.


To provide a primary organised and disciplined multi-role military force for the Transmigration 9. Primarily utilized to focus on ground borne engagements and missions but also set up for use in special operations such as boarding operations as well as semi-covert operations such as night time raids.

Where duties crossover with other departments:

Task force works directly as part of military command, Engineering for assistance in the maintenance of equipment and vehicles. Cross over with Starfighter command for aerial transport, particularly for space borne endeavours such as boarding actions.

Cross over may be possible as well with magic/mystical in the case of battlefield casters  and artillery if required.  In addition Medical could assist with combat medics to assist the task force in the field.

Requirements to Join, if any: Able to utilize weapons and work as part of a squad, or be capacity to be trained in such. Training in the use of ground based fighting or transport vehicles and walkers would also be needed for those interested in the armoured support division of the department.


Potential organization:
This is a basic idea of the potential organisation of the Task force, note that the Task force will work directly with Command.

Organisational command: Special Operations Commander

Overall field command: Field Marshal

1st  Infantry Regiment: Major/Lieutenant
Note: Organised into squads of 2-10 led by an officer of Sergeant rank or higher.

Could include:

Light infantry
Heavy infantry
Power armoured infantry
Assorted specialists to be attached to or assist squads:
-Sniper teams
-Heavy weapon teams
-Combat Engineers
-Scouts/recon specialists

2nd  Armoured Regiment: Major/Lieutenant
Note: Fielded in squadrons or attached to Infantry regiment where needed.

Could include:

Scout vehicles
Light/heavy transports
Light/heavy walkers
Light/heavy armoured vehicles

If you have any suggestions, or characters that would sign up with the task force, in either regiment or in possible command positions let me know below!

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